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About Us

It took us a full 5 years to set up our herbal products division because we did not want to plunge into the market without an extensive catalog of proprietary formulations and single herbs of extreme purity.

 Today, we take pride in our understanding of natural products which is unparalleled and the quality of our products which is impeccable.

 We are Ayurleaf, powered by Biobaxy, one of the world’s leading suppliers of genuine pharmaceutical drugs.

 Ayurleaf is an extension of Biobaxy and continues on the philosophies of quality, integrity and accountability in business.


  • Our product quality is second to none 
  • We have integrity in the way we do business 
  • We are accountable to our consumers and our stakeholders


How we started

 Our story begins when almost 6 years ago, our founder had a chance encounter with the potency of herbs. Infatuated by the effectiveness of one single herb, he set out to explore the wide and fascinating world of botanicals.

 He took an ode from Ayurveda and set up a panel of Ayurvedic experts, researchers and scientists to find, source and extract herbal ingredients from natural sources.

 The result is there for all to see.


Why Ayurleaf

 It is not difficult to manufacture herbal supplements if you have access to the raw material.

 But what about the integrity and the potency of the products that you manufacture?

 How effective will it be? Will it really help the user?

 That’s where we differ.

 Along with investing in the best minds, we have also invested vastly in technology because we believe that technology is the only route to standardized quality.

 Today, we have access to the best extraction technologies in the business that allows us to capture and retain the many potent ingredients in herbs.

 These are then standardized and rigorously tested before being manufactured in compliance with USP and GMP practices.

 We are in process of acquiring certifications and accreditations for our quality from international organizations. This will exemplify our dedication towards quality.


Our Presence 

Within a few months of our launch, our products have already managed to garner a loyal customer base in the US, UK, Russia and Asia.

 Ayurleaf aims to become one of the world’s leading suppliers of pure, effective and safe herbal formulations and increase our footprint to other countries in the world.