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Ayurveda Knowledge Center

Almost 5000 years ago, the oldest known medical system originated in India. Consisting of a set of scriptures that advocated the use of botanical ingredients to improve the quality of life, this science of healing is considered by experts to be one of the most advanced healing systems ever.

 It is called Ayurveda. Ayus stands for life in Sanskrit and Ved stands for knowledge.

 Thus, Ayurveda stands for the Knowledge of Life.

 It was expounded and practiced by monks who dedicated their lives towards spirituality and were known to have an unrivalled understanding of the connection between good health and nature.

 Ayurveda also has a strong spiritual connection and its mythological origins are attributed to the mystical twin physicians of the Indo-European pantheon.


 The precursor to a variety of global healing sciences

 It is said that the Buddhist Monks carried with them this ancient science to various parts of the world and even today, the remnants of Ayurveda can be found in a variety of global medication.

 The core philosophy of Ayurveda states that life is a combination of body, mind, senses, and spirit. A healthy body is incomplete without a healthy mind and spirit and so on. It categorizes individual body types according to energies that are dominant in them.

 The functioning of all creation in the world (man and animal) is dependent on the interaction of these three energy complexes. These are Vata, Pitta, Kapha.

 Vata is responsible for respiration, circulation, excretion, movement, speech, energy, and the entire nervous system. A wide range of health ailments that fall under this category are treated as Vata Doshas.

 Pitta is the energy responsible for digestion, metabolism, vision, skin problems, intellect and emotions. Ailments related to these conditions like stomach problems, acidity and obesity are treated as Pitta Doshas.

 Kapha is the energy responsible for growth, lubrication, fluid secretions and fluid balance in the body. Ailments related to the above mentioned conditions are treated as Kapha Doshas.

 A person is considered to be healthy when all three energies interact and function in harmony. Their functioning is unique to an individual like his DNA.

 In addition to this, there are three mental energies called Satwa, Rajas & Tamas.


Thus Ayurveda adopts a unique and holistic blend of science and philosophy that ensures in a balance between mind, body and soul.