Hair loss (alopecia) can effect just your scalp or the entire body. It can be a result of heredity, certain medications or an underlying medical condition. Anyone, men, women and children can experience hair loss. Hair loss is a very common condition and affects most people at some time in their lives.

Because there are so many types of scalp hair loss, determining the precise cause of hair loss in an individual can be challenging. Most hair loss is not associated with systematic or internal disease, nor is poor diet which is a frequent factor. Hair may simply thin as a result of predetermined genetic factors, family history and overall aging process. Many men and women may notice a mild and often normal physiologic thinning of hair starting in their thirties and forties. Other times normal life variations like severe stress, illness, nutritional changes and hormonal changes like those in pregnancy, puberty and menopause may cause a reversible hair loss.

Here are the 5 best ayurvedic herbs which can help in treating hair loss-

Bhringraj: This herb is also known as king of herbs in Ayurveda for hair because it has property to enhance hair growth. All you need to do is make a paste out of the leaves and apply it on the scalp for some time before washing it off. Doing this on a regular basis promotes healthy hair growth.

Jatamansi: It has the power to remove blood impurities, glowing complexion as well as it is known to have positive effects on hair growth. You can either in form of capsules or apply it directly on the scalp.

Methi: It is a commonly used herb in our household and an excellent remedy for hair growth. Grind some slightly dry roasted methi, make a paste of it in warm water depending on the hair length and keep it on for about 20 minutes before washing off.

Amalaki: Better known as amla, this ayurvedic herb for hair fall helps in treating indigestion and purifies blood. It is also rich in vitamin c, which solves many hair problems from within. Dried/powdered amla has to be mixed with warm water and used on the scalp to promote thick and black hair.

Ghritkumari: It has proven usage in Ayurveda, as it helps keep your system clean from within and promote hair growth. Ensure that you drink or swallow 2 tbsp. of the latex of the leaf to increase your metabolism and also get good bowel movements.

Apart from these ayurvedic remedies for hair fall, there are three major daily hair care tips that you can follow to ensure that your hair growth occurs unhindered.

  1. Avoid combing the hair when it is wet, as the hair is said to be more prone for breakage.
  2. Sleep is essential for atleast 8 hours a day to promote healthy hair growth.
  3. Drinking plenty of water and good diet is important for a proper functioning of the body, thus leading to healthy hair growth.