Are you experiencing constant pain in your joints that aggravates each time you climb the stairs or do some strenuous exercise? If the answer to this question is yes, you are most likely to be suffering from arthritis. A typical condition that affects the skeletal system, arthritis usually targets the bone joints in the human body and gradually weakens them increasing the risk of damage.

Understanding arthritis

In simple terms, arthritis causes inflammation of the affected joint that leads to pain, stiffness, etc. and reduces the mobility of the patient in the affected area.  Also, arthritis is just one term that covers several different types. Depending on the type of arthritis as well as the causes involved, the method of treatment will also differ.

What are the symptoms?

Well, we have already told you that arthritis causes inflammation or swelling of joints. Therefore, people suffering from this condition are most likely to experience a fair amount of pain or stiffness in their joints. Initially, the pain will be mild but gradually as the diseases progresses, the pain also increases, reducing the mobility of the joint. In extreme cases, arthritis also tends to affect the eyes and other organs of the patient. Also, males as well as females are at an equal risk of developing arthritis especially in their older years. However, the danger for females is higher since their bones become weak as age progresses. So, if you are experiencing any such symptoms in your day to day life, it is best advised to seek medical attention and initiate the treatment as soon as possible.

What are the causes?

One of the simplest reasons that cause arthritis is the normal wear and tear during your day to day life. You may not realize it but your joints feel the stress and therefore succumb to the disease. For example, if you have been doing a physically strenuous job for quite some time, your joints are guaranteed to become weaker. Apart from lifestyle, even the genetic make-up plays a crucial role in a person’s ability to develop arthritis. Several types of previously suffered injuries are also known to trigger arthritis. In fact, people who have suffered from major injuries on the joints are always advised to practice several precautions to prevent further damage.

What are the cures?

From the several available options to cure arthritis, doctors generally advise physical as well as occupational therapy coupled with medications when it comes to curing arthritis. Regular sessions of therapy reduce the pain and also help the patient to resume normal activity. In extreme cases, doctors also advise surgery or joint replacement option, depending on the condition of the patient.

Herbal cure for arthritis

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