Being overweight has its own ill effects and obesity is a lifestyle condition which affects millions of people around the world. People who suffer from obesity always stand a chance of contacting life threatening diseases like diabetes and cardiac issues. An obese person also faces a lot of social stigma and is often looked upon in a negative way which affects them mentally and emotionally. Obesity is a disease which can be treated only by adapting a healthier lifestyle and diet control, which is not an easy task for many. Many people opt for fat burners to aid them in weight loss but these synthetic fat burners have some grave side effects as they may contain stimulants like caffeine, ephedrine (a banned Chinese drug) and many unknown compounds. These components increase the metabolism of our bodies artificially which may result in faster heart beats and also many a times a heart attack. They may also affect the functioning of vital organs such as liver and kidneys if used for a prolonged time. Hence a natural approach towards weight loss is always a much safer and preferred option by many. Vrikshamla or garcinia indica is a berry found in most parts of India. These berries contain many antioxidants and polyphenols in them which lower the cholesterol levels and also promotes heart health. Vrikshamla capsules are formulated by pure garciana fruit extracts and is an alternative therapy for extreme weight loss in a natural way.

Some significant benefits of vrikshamla are:

  1. It helps is appetite control and also aids in fat loss by energy expenditure. This property is exceptionally helpful in losing extra pounds and is ideal for weight management.
  2. Vrikshamla has a compound known as HCA (Hydroxyl citric acid) which lowers the LDL levels and hence is extremely beneficial for the heart.
  3. Being a rich source of a host of antioxidants it inhibits the growth of free radicals which cause cell degeneration and hence helps in maintaining young looking skin and delays ageing.
  4. Vrikshamla has a very high concentration of vitamin C which is essential for healthier skin and hair. The anti astringent properties of vrikshamla helps curing stomach ailments and keeping the body cool.

The main component of this fruit is HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid) which acts a fat blocker and help you burn off excess carbohydrates by using it for energy expenditure and hence vrikshamla is your best natural bet to combat obesity in a safe and natural way.