Women crave for a shapely body the same way men crave for an impressive muscular body. Having a well endowed and hourglass body can increase the self confidence levels in females by bounds. However not all females are blessed with a voluptuous body and in some cases they lack the much needed breast size which can deter their confidence levels to a great extent. A well cupped breast line is the main characteristic of feminine looks and every woman needs a well shaped bust.

Breast development in women occurs at puberty by the correct functioning of female hormones progesterone and estrogen. In some cases when there is a hormonal imbalance or any similar situations, the breast remains underdeveloped which causes smaller or a flat bust line. Women who have non shapely or underdeveloped breasts tend to adopt various measures in an attempt to redevelop their bust line. There are a horde of options today in the form of breast enlargement creams and lotions which proclaim great results. However most of these are clever marketing gimmicks by the cosmetic industry. The other known option for breast enlargement is breast augmentation surgery. This is a procedure where the cosmetologist uses artificial silicone implants to surgically enhance the size of the breasts. But this is a very complex and dangerous procedure as it may cause various conditions such as blood clotting(hematoma), various kinds of infections and in some cases even breast cancer.

Ayurveda has a very viable and effective means of breast enlargement by the usage of a natural supplement known as cow colostrums. Cow colostrums are the first form of milk produced by cows during the time of delivering their off spring. This supplement was also known as the god of medicine as per ancient ayurvedic scripts. Colostrums are loaded with a host of immunity enhancing nutrients, vitamins, minerals, saponins and natural growth factors. Regular intake of colostrums helps in healthy weight gain and the IGF-1 and IGF-2 (insulin growth factors) contained in this super food helps in naturally enhancing the development of breast tissue which helps in increased bust size.

This is a much safer and effective way of enhancing the size of your breast without any surgical augmentation. The exact dosage of cow colostrums can get all the needed nutrients in your body which is why many well renowned companies have produced colostrums capsules by formulating pure cow colostrums which also makes consumption and dosage easy.