Acne is a type of infection that is caused due to varied changes in sebaceous glands. The redness caused on skin along with the infection is often confused as acne, which is not the case. The redness is actually caused due to puffiness of skin which occurs due to response of the body to infection that occurs. Affected parts mostly include arms (upper arms), chest, face and back. It most usually occurs during puberty in children due to very high level of hormones that are released. It is very widely becoming a cause of mental stress to many individuals and it can affect people on a social, psychological and physical level. Main causes are stress, itching of sorts, dead cells on skin and bacteria that affects pores.

Ailments and Related Remedies to cure acne

People have come up with many treatments that are not proven scientifically yet. Numerous natural products have come up in the market that claims to reduce the acne or use it as preserver from acne. People in earlier generations have mostly used and tea (tree) oil and venom of bee. It is used at very low level though it claims to lower the skin lesions. Chemical creams and related products harm instead of treating skin and acne. People generally use massage, cupping therapies and herbal products but there is utter lack of evidence for the same. Many people who use cream and makeup to cover or treat acne must ensure that it is light and free from oil. Use of harsh chemicals might enhance the production of more acne and related issues.

Herbal Ailments and Creams that help treat acne

Use of Aloe vera, honey, Walnut extract, fenugreek and Green tea is considered as home remedies of Acne. It is considered that on applying paste of sandalwood on face along with the use of rose water and leaving it for full night and washing it the next day. Herbal products though cannot claim to give acne clear skin yet it is considered more beneficial for skin to use herbal products instead of the ones which are chemically made as they might slow down the process of healing. Fuller earth is known to be extremely beneficial for the treatment of skin. Although many creams are available one can avoid acne by applying herbal sunscreen and other preventive measures like consuming lot of water, sesame and olive oil might help in reducing acne.