Summary: Today the ways to control our blood sugar are many unlike in the earlier days where only anti diabetic drugs and the prime ingredient insulin were the only options. Over the years, people are getting more aware of the effect of herbal medicines on diabetes. Here is a small intro into this topic whether herbal medicines are really effective in combating this disease.

Herbal medicine for blood sugar: A myth or a reality.

Diabetes is a chronic disease that has affected trillions of people across the globe. All of us try to combat this disease in many different ways, some by allopathic means and some by herbal means. Since we all are aware that allopathic drugs are accompanied by some or the other kind of side effects, most of us are opting for herbal medicines which are actually simple herbs which we use in our day to day life. The best part about these herbal medicines is that they are herbs which are absolutely safe to consume and have no side effects.

  • Asian ginseng is an age old Chinese herb which was used in the treatment of many disorders. This powerful herb which is used in almost every Chinese medicine available today is equally popular in the west. This herb enhances the insulin production in the pancreas and this helps in lowering the blood sugar levels. It is used in many weight loss formulas as well. This potent herb is a hence used in many herbal medicines to control diabetes.
  • Gynema is a popular herb found in Asia and Africa. This herb contains gymnemic acid which when ingested stimulates the insulin levels in the pancreas by regeneration of cells in the pancreas thereby reducing blood sugar considerably. This is equally helpful in reducing both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. This plant is also used in various forms like extracts and capsules as a herbal medicine to reduce blood sugar by many pharmaceutical companies and is a hit in the western countries like UK and the USA.
  • Cinnamon bark which is a very common herb which we use in our everyday life is also an efficient agent in reducing sugar levels. This herb helps in the conversion of glucose to energy and thereby reduces the sugar levels. The excess sugar is hence not absorbed by the blood stream and this way it is helpful in controlling diabetes. This herb can be taken in various forms as well, having a tablespoon of cinnamon with your breakfast every day, including cinnamon in your meals or even taking it in a capsule form formulated by herbal companies. This herb works wonders and hence is a hot seller in the herbal medicine industry.

Apart from using these herbal medicines, a healthy diet regime, regular workouts and weight management are the key factors in reducing blood sugar levels and leading a diabetic free life. These herbal medicines for blood sugar are indeed a promising new way for controlling sugar levels and these are relatively safe to use amongst men and women of all ages.