Sleep disorder or insomnia is a serious condition which affects many of us today as we are subject to a more stressful and tedious lifestyle. This condition can lead to the onset of many potentially harmful conditions such as diabetes, cardiac issues and much more. There are myriad options to treat this condition of insomnia in the form of synthetic OVC medications, therapies and herbal medications.

There are two major types of sleep disorders which affect us and are caused due to various conditions.

Types of Sleeping Disorders

Primary insomnia is the most common type of insomnia which affects many and is also known as short term insomnia. This can cause due to various reasons such as disturbed sleeping pattern, stress issues such as emotional or physical, change in temperatures, etc. Such type of insomnia can be cured easily with or without the aid of medications. It is also cured by practicing relaxation techniques or therapy such as meditation and yoga.

Secondary insomnia is the much more intense kind and can also be termed as chronic insomnia which persists for a longer period. This kind of insomnia can be caused due to various underlying health issues like asthma, a side effect of any medication, psychiatric issues, mental depression and anxiety or any neurological disorder. The cures for secondary insomnia can be done by first determining the actual cause by carrying out a complete health exam. Altering certain medications which you are currently consuming can also be the cure sometimes. Usage of sleep medications or sedatives can also be administered to the person for long term relief but can be dangerous if combined with other interactive drugs or alcohol. These kinds of medications can also be addictive and cause a kind of dependency.

Herbal Remedies for Sleeping Disorder

Herbal treatment or ayurvedic treatment is the best way to cure this condition of insomnia. Ayurveda has many potentially powerful herbs which have been in existence since ages and have been used to cure many potentially harmful diseases. Tagara is an herb which has the ability to clam your nerves and reduce anxiety with mild sedative properties. It is also termed as Indian valerian and has been used since olden days for the treatment of a variety of nervous disorders and depression.

Ayurleaf has formulated pure tagara extracts into pills form which makes it easy for consumption and inhibits the same properties like benzodiazephine without any adverse health effects. This potentially safe herbal sleeping pills in its purest form is perfect for treating all your sleep disorders and insomnia problems.