In today’s world people are more conscious about their health hence millions of people are switching over to natural and organic supplements for both medicinal and dietary purposes. One of the oldest Indian therapies called ayurveda is now popular worldwide due to its consistency and assuring effect on health through herbal medicines. Ayurveda reveals the medicinal effects of various herbs and plants which we commonly use in our daily food such as cayenne pepper and garlic.  Cayenne pepper is also known as Paprika, cow-horn pepper or red hot chilli pepper. This plant is grown in a variety of locations and it needs hundred days to mature. Cayenne peppers are highly rich in nutrients and vitamins such as vitamin B6, vitamin E, vitamin C, riboflavin, potassium and manganese. On the other hand garlic as we all commonly know is also called as Allium Sativum and found mostly in Central Asia. Both cayenne and garlic are perennial herbs and known to be used in dishes to enhance the taste and flavor.


As per ayurveda, both these herbs are important and wonderful as medicines. They contain a wide range of medicinal properties and can be used to treat various ailments. Both cayenne and garlic are called as king of herbs and wonder drug respectively for their miraculous healing power. One of the common health conditions that can be treated using both these herbs is erectile dysfunction. This condition is a part of male dysfunction when an erection cannot be developed or maintained throughout the sexual intercourse by a man. ED can be treated with proper consultation and medication; however the best option is to treat the problem with natural therapies and treatment. Ayurveda reveals the effective use of both cayenne and garlic for ED.


Mostly ED occurs due to health problems where the blood vessels and veins gets clogged and makes it unable for a person to get an erection. Both the herbs cayenne and garlic for Ed are effective as they are known for naturally increasing the overall blood circulation of the body.  Garlic has a rich compound called allicin which increases the blood flow in the body. Consuming cayenne and garlic supplement is very useful for health as it naturally boosts the immune system of the body and helps fight against any free radicals or bacteria which cause lots of health ailments further causing ED.