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Q. Are your herbal products a replacement for my medications?

A. No. None of the products on this website are a replacement for any medication or drugs. We recommend that you speak to your healthcare provider before starting to use any new product or starting any therapy.


Q. How long do I have to use your products before I start to see the effects?

A. All of Ayurleaf’s products are based on ancient Ayurvedic formulae. The time taken for these products to work depends on an individual’s health and may vary from one person to the other. So, we may not be able to suggest a time frame that may be required for our supplements to take effect. But our products are ideal for long term use without causing any side effects whatsoever.


Q. I am feeling uneasy after taking your supplements.

A. Please discontinue using our products if they do not work for you and see a medical practitioner for further advice.


Q. Is it okay to use Ayurleaf’s supplements even when I am using other medication?

A. We have no knowledge of a known allergic reaction when our products are used with other drugs. But still, there may be reactions that we are unaware of. So, we recommend that you speak to your healthcare provider. Also, we request that if you come to know about any allergic reaction, then you inform our customer service department.


Q. For how long is the product usable and effective after I open the bottle?

A. Our products have been standardized to enhance its shelf life. But we recommend that once the bottle has been opened, you use it promptly and as advised. Store the bottle away from moisture and excessive heat or sunlight.


Q. Why do your products have an odor?

A. At Ayurleaf, our onus is to create completely natural products and we add no artificial flavors or fragrances. As a result, some of our products retain the authentic flavor of the botanical ingredients that are used to manufacture them. The odor is completely natural.


Q. I would like to just order a single ingredient that is listed on one of your product formulations. How do I do that?

A. Ayurleaf not only manufactures product formulations, we also have single herbs that are pure and potent. Please visit our website and browse through our online catalog for complete details on our product line.


Q. Will using your products cure my chronic ailment?

A. Ayurleaf does not make any therapeutic claim about the medicinal properties of our products. These products are dietary supplements that are created from the best botanical ingredients. Most of these ingredients have a known record of being beneficial to human health. But they should never be considered to be an alternative for medication.