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Ective – X

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Ective – X

Ective – X

Ective – X


Ective – X


Sexual dysfunction is one of the most disturbing conditions ever experienced by males. It can be devastating on the psyche and confidence of a man.

 But what is worse, is that it can slowly kill relationships.

 Most men are secretive about the problem and never come into the open with it, choosing to suffer in silence because it is embarrassing to speak about.

 Synthetic cures for erectile dysfunction, lack of libido and low sperm vitality only address the issue temporarily.

 Not to mention that they are very expensive, unreliable and can cause severe side effects.

 Ancient Ayurvedic texts on the other hand, reveal that pure herbs and herbal extracts can improve sexual function in males, reduce erectile dysfunction and also provide strength and vigor irrespective of the age or physical condition of the person.


Ective X – The Best of Ayurveda

 It took us more than 2 years to research and formulate a powerful male sexual health formulation that would address all the problems related to male sexuality.

 Be it erectile dysfunction, weakness, sexual debility, lack of libido or weak/low sperm count, we have the one solution to it all.

 It’s called Ective X and it is loaded with three of the most potent herbs ever discovered by man.


Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera): Highly sought after in the western world as a natural testosterone booster, Ashwagandha is one of the most potent natural aphrodisiacs ever. Clinical studies have revealed that patients experience a tremendous boost in libido, energy levels and also in the quality of their erection. Ashwagandha is the complete male sexual herb.


Shilajeet (Aasfoilum Panjabinum): The vitality that Shilajeet brings into the male body is well known. An ancient anecdote reveals how mountain goats feeding on Shilajeet used to cross the mountains effortlessly even in sub-zero temperature. Our pure and potent Shilajeet extracts will charge you with endless energy keeping you ready for multiple love making sessions. If you are facing lack of stamina, then this will end it.


Gokhuru (Tribulus Terrestris): Gokhuru works by improving the flow of blood and oxygen to all the organs in the body. The improved flow of blood to the penile region results in stronger and harder erections. It is a potent addition to Ective – X.


Enjoy your sex life again with Ective X

 While herbal male sexual formulas are dime-a-dozen, there are very few of them that actually contain what they advertise.

 For example, there are several herbal medications that advertise that they contain 500mg Ashwagandha. But yet, it does not work.

 Why? It is because either the herbal extract is not pure enough or the manufacturing technique results in the loss of most vital nutrients.

 That is why, we at Ayurleaf, rely on Chromatographic Fingerprinting to deliver consistent quality and reliability in our formulations.

 Try Ective – X and see the difference it brings to your love life!




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