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Femogra Gold

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Femogra Gold

Femogra Gold

Femogra Gold


Femogra Gold


As the female body ages, the levels of the hormones slowly start to deplete. While the immediate effect can be seen on the energy levels, muscle and skin tone, it can also have a severe effect on sexual health in women.

 While it was usually after pregnancy or a delivery that women usually reported a loss in libido, now the problem is occurring even in young women in their 20’s.

 Blame it on the fast paced lifestyles or due to stress and anxiety, an increasing number of women are reporting a feeling of general weakness, fatigue, depression and loss of sexual interest.


Femogra – The complete tonic 

Ancient Ayurvedic texts recommend the use of selected herbs for treating problems related to a women’s body.

 Apart from helping to regulate the normal menstrual cycle and restore sexual health, these herbs can also prevent ageing, promote healthy looking skin and hair and boost energy.

 Our researchers and panel of Ayurvedic experts did rigorous research on these herbs to come up with a formulation that addresses all the problems faced by women.

 The result is Femogra, a complete female health capsule containing the best of Ayurvedic herbal extracts.


Why Femogra

 Because we understand that the needs of a woman are different!

 Not every health supplement or herbal medication can cater to the diverse requirements of the female body.

 Femogra contains the result of years of comprehensive research combined with the extensive knowledge of ancient Ayurvedic scriptures.

 While providing a reliable solution to the problems, it also ensures that there are no long term or immediate side effects.


Javintri (Myristiga Fragrans): Commonly known as Nutmeg, this is one of the most desired spices on earth. Also known as Jatiphala in Ayurveda, Javintri extracts are renowned for their positive effect on sexual health in females. Apart from boosting libido, it also improves the supply of blood into the vaginal region resulting in better stimulation and sexual satisfaction.


Shilajeet (Aasfolium Panjabinum): Sourced from altitudes as high as 18,000 feet in the mystical Himalayas, our pure and potent Shilajeet extracts will provide natural stamina and strength. It also improves bone density in women who are calcium deficient.


Makaradhwaj:  Makaradhwaj is a combination of multiple herbal extracts that is extremely effective in helping improve sexual functioning. It also provides energy, reduces stress and boosts the immunity in females.


Swarnavasantmalti Ras: Swarnavasantmalti Ras helps reduce allergies and protects the body against chronic disorders. Be it respiratory function or digestive function, it has a positive effect on all of these.


Akkarkara (Anacyclus Pyrethrum): Akkakara is one of the most powerful herbs used in the science of Ayurveda. It is a powerful anti inflammatory and also an analgesic. Promotes healthy looking skin, bones and also protects the oral cavity from bacteria.


Femogra also contains Ashwagandha and Yastimadhu which are renowned for their ability to reduce stress and promote overall well being.


Buy Pure at Ayurleaf 

At Ayurleaf, we have the knowledge, the expertise and the best scientific minds in our team. The products that we produce are the result of our own hard research.

 Since we are extremely particular about the raw material we use, all our products contain the exact herbal extracts that are mentioned in the ingredients in the exact potency.




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