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Unblemished and luscious looking hair is often considered a crowning glory both for men and women alike. However, due to our fast paced lifestyles that leave little time for ourselves, we do more harm than good and face a plethora of problems related to our hair.

 For males, hair loss and baldness is now becoming increasingly common. Be it male pattern hair loss that occurs after the age of 30 or premature graying, hair thinning or dry and flaky looking hair, Hair related problems are on the rise.

 The alarming fact though, is that while most people are unaware, women too have to combat an array of hair related problems.


Restoring Hair Health 

Before one goes under the knife for a cosmetic surgical procedure for regaining hair, one needs to understand the root cause of hair loss.

 Is it hormonal imbalance that is leading to a sudden loss of hair, or is it the health of the scalp?

 If one were to understand the cause of hair loss and apply preventive measures immediately, then most hair loss cases can be treated.


Hairgard – Herbal and effective hair gain 

Long before the era of hair transplants and wigs, Indians were always blessed with long and healthy tresses.


Their secret lies in Ayurveda.

Yes, it is the use of hair strengthening and nourishing herbal extracts and regular massage of the scalp that promoted hair gain in the Indian community.

 Ayurleaf brings to you the old, tried and trusted hair gain herbal recipe, now in a capsule form.


We call it Hairgard and it is a potent hair and scalp health supplement.


Why Hairgard? 

Because it is loaded with active and potent herbs that not only promote healthy looking hair, but also stimulates the growth of newer hair follicles in the scalp.


Bhringraj (Eclipta Alba): What most people do not realize is the scalp is an extension of our skin. Bhringraj works by nipping the problem in the bud and working on nourishing the skin from the inside. It is also an effective liver and kidney cleanser and works by eliminating toxins from the system. It has been used for centuries as a hair tonic in Ayurveda.


Bhumi Amla (Phylanthus Niruri): It is said that the health of the liver often shows on the hair and the skin of the person. So, Bhumi Amla is a powerful liver cleanser that helps protect the liver tissues and also keeps it nourished and healthy.


Amlaki Rasayan (Embilca Officialnils): Amlaki Rasayana is a powerful rejuvenator and replenishing compound that increases the flow of blood in the body. It revitalizes scalp health and promotes the growth of new hair follicles.


Trikatu (Zinger, Marich, Pipper): Trikatu is a combination herbal extract that has many uses in Ayurveda. It is used mainly as a detox medicine and is ideal for cleansing the body. It promotes hair nourishment and reduces dry and flaky scalp related hair loss.


Praval Pishti (Red Coral): Praval pishti is an exotic addition to Hairgard and is very effective in nourishing the hair and scalp. Not only does it reduce hair fall and premature graying but can also arrest early hair thinning.


It is this potent herbal formulation that makes Hairgard so effective in solving a plethora of problems related to hair.


Safe and Organic

 At Ayurleaf, you can be rest assured about the quality of our herbal extracts and formulations.







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