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A sound mind they say is a precursor to a healthy body.

 It couldn’t be truer.

 If you have a healthy and relaxed mind then everything else becomes easy. Even the most seemingly challenging tasks can be accomplished with ease.

 But due to stress, lack of sleep and lack of proper dietary nutrients, our mind undergoes a lot of wear and tear. Many a times, leading to a chemical imbalance which goes undetected for a prolonged period of time.

 The symptoms may be mild. For example, continual fatigue, mental weakness and a general feeling of lethargy. But if left untreated, it can have far reaching effects on the body in the long run.


Rest your mind with Ayurveda

 Ayurleaf’s panel of Ayurvedic experts and scientists studied the effect of numerous herbs and herbal extracts on the human mind.

 The results were astounding.

 It was found that when administered in the right proportions, some pure herbal extracts can not only reduce stress and anxiety, but also cure Insomnia without ever becoming habitual.

 So, our team formulated those herbal extracts into a single capsule that provides the much needed relaxation to the mind.

 We call it Restlaam.


Rest easy with Restlaam

 Unlike synthetic drugs, Restlaam is not a pill that will put you to sleep. It is a powerful combination of herbs that have a profound positive effect on one’s mental ability, concentration and relaxation.

 But before using any herbal supplement, one needs to ask about its content.

 Here’s what’s inside Restlaam.


Brahmi (Hydrocotyle Asiatika): Brahmi is a memory and concentration enhancer. Clinical studies conducted over a 12 week period have proven that using Brahmi can significantly improve concentration, memory and reduce stress.


Jatamansi (Nardostachys Jatamansi): Jatamansi is a nervine tonic that helps the mind relax and reduces anxiety. It was traditionally used for the treatment of mental illnesses, epilepsy etc. But research reveals that it has a profound calming effect on the mind.


Sankhpuspi (Evolulus Alsinoides): Sankhpuspi helps in preventing memory loss. In ancient Ayurveda, it was recommended for treating hypertension, hypotension, anxiety neurosis, stress.


Punarnava (Borhavia Diffusa): The name Punarnava means rejuvenator. It is a powerful detox agent and helps eliminate the buildup of toxins in the Kidney and Liver. By cleansing the body, it provides optimum support to the other herbs in calming the mind.


Sarpagandha (Rauwolfia Serpentia): Traditionally used to calm down patients suffering from mental illness, in mordern day Ayurveda, it is considered to have a tranquilizing effect which promotes unhindered sleep. Patients suffering from Insomnia have reported excellent benefits after using Sarpagandha extracts.


Restlaam contains the best of handpicked herbs from the ancient Ayurvedic texts that can help the mind relax, eliminate stress, reduce anxiety and promote sleep.


Ayurleaf – Reliable as ever

 When you buy from Ayurleaf, you can be rest assured that you are buying 100% pure and organic herbal extracts that will have a positive influence on your body and mind.







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