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It is estimated that almost 60 million Americans above the age of 20 are obese. Obesity is the number 2 cause of preventable death in the US.

 The numbers are much higher if you look at the statistics worldwide.

 For a condition so prevalent around the world, there are very few cures or treatments.

 Most people pop fat burners or synthetic pills for losing weight which at best will suppress the appetitive or mess havoc with the liver functioning.

 Yes, Liver toxicity is a major concern with synthetic fat loss pills.


How can one naturally lose weight?

 Ancient Ayurvedic texts recommend the usage of one or multiple herbs for burning off excessive fat in the body and to prevent the formation of fat.

 When used in the right dosage and the right combination, these herbal extracts can be extremely effective in treating obesity, cholesterol and preventing a horde of ailments that are a result of these two conditions.

 The benefit of using pure herbs is that it does not have severe and long lasting side effects. Side effects if any are mild and temporary.


Slimonil – Natural Fat Burner

 Ayurleaf brings to you a powerful combination of naturally occurring pure organic herbal extracts called Slimonic.

 Slimonil is not exactly a typical fat burner pill.

 Instead, it is a unique formulation that brings together some of the best known herbs that help in weight management.


Medohar Guggulu: Rich in active compounds called Gugguls which are renowned for their ability to lower cholesterol levels, Medohar Guggulu is a potent fat loss agent. In fact it also aids in lipid metabolism and prevents the formation of new fat cells.


Vidang (Embellia Ribes): Vidang speeds up the slow metabolism which often is the cause for obesity and weight gain in some people. It is also an effective astringent and mild laxative that will help detox your system and clean your colon from toxic buildups.


Vijaysar (Pterocarpus Marsupium Stick): Used traditionally to help control diabetes, Vijaysar is a potent addition to Slimonic. It helps reduce excessive fat deposits and also helps in controlling blood sugar levels.


Punarnava (Borhavia Diffusa): By promoting optimum renal health and eliminating excessive fluids retained in the body, Punarnava helps to maintain overall good health. It also promotes healthy looking skin.


There are many other herbs in Slimonil which not only help eliminate fat but also help to restore the normal and healthy functioning of the body systems contributing to overall good health.


Safe, efficacious and reliable

 Unlike synthetic drugs which often leave a person feeling low and deprived, Slimonil promotes fat loss by triggering the body’s natural response and burning fat.

 And it is mild and gentle on our internal organs.




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