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Body mass-1000 capsules

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Quick Overview

The Body Mass 1000 formula is specifically designed for the male body.

Body mass-1000 capsules

Body mass-1000 capsules


Body Mass – 1000


The male body undergoes a series of hormonal changes at puberty. Along with the growth of facial hair, change in voice and an increase in height, most males also note a significant improvement in body muscle mass.

 Some achieve an athletic physique; others have more fat in their bodies.

 But in some males, various physiological and hormonal factors contribute towards reduced body weight.

 Yes, being skinny is every male’s nightmare.

 Apart from being ridiculed in social circles, it also leads to a weak immune system and excessively thin people frequently fall sick.

 Ayurveda – Body Mass 1000

 Synthetic medicine does not have a definite answer to this problem yet.

 Anabolic steroids may help you gain weight but at the cost of causing severe and irreversible side effects that can have potentially fatal effects.

 But ancient Ayurvedic science does.

 It has been tried, tested and documented that the potent extracts of a unique herbal blend, can help improve lean muscle mass in men and lead to healthy weight gain.

 Our In-house R & D team along with our New Product Development team has spent years researching on a safe and efficacious formula.

 We call it Body Mass 1000.

 Body Mass 1000 – Exclusively for Men

 The Body Mass 1000 formula is specifically designed for the male body.

 And unlike magic pills or unhealthy weight loss supplements, it does not lead to water retention or bloating.

 Instead, it rejuvenates the 7 bodily systems which according to Ayurveda lead to a healthy human body.

 These are called the Sapta Dhatus. They are:

•        Rasa Dhatoo (Lymph, Plasma)

•        Rakta Dhatoo (Haemoglobin Factor)

•        Mamsa Dhatoo (Muscle Mass)

•        Medas Dhatoo (Fat/Adipose)

•        Asthi Dhatoo (Bone Density)

•        Majja Dhatoo (Bone Marrow)

•        Shukra Dhatoo (Sperm, Semen and Ovum)


By restoring the delicate balance of these systems, Body Mass triggers a natural release of the male hormone testosterone which in turn helps improves muscle mass.

 How it works

 Body Mass 1000 contains a unique and potent blend of herbs. The most important ones are:

  • Ashwagandha (Whitania Somnifera): Increases muscle mass, reduces stress, helps improve immunity & also boosts libido
  • Gokshuru (Tribulus Terrestris): Known in the western world as the most powerful natural testosterone booster in the world.
  • Kaucha (Mucuna Pruriens): Used in ancient Ayurvedic formulations for effective weight management. Helps in healthy weight gain in men.
  • Safed Musli (Asperagus Adscendens): Eliminate weakness and get a tremendous energy boost with this.


100% Original & Safe

The Body Mass 1000 formula is so powerful that it can help improve lean muscle mass in men of all ages.

 If you are struggling to gain weight, then try this safe and effective weight gain formula that is supported by hardcore scientific facts.

 Buy pure, only at Ayurleaf.


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