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Gokshura capsules

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Gokshura is one of the oldest herbs that find a special mention in ancient Ayurvedic literature.

Gokshura capsules

Gokshura capsules




Gokshura is one of the oldest herbs that find a special mention in ancient Ayurvedic literature.

 Better known in the western world as Tribulus, the herb is a potent aphrodisiac booster and also enhances the level of testosterone in men.

 Herbal extracts of Tribulus are a regular part of the diet for bodybuilders and athletes who swear by its ability to improve performance.

 But, that is just the tip of the iceberg.

 This thorny shrub that can deceive people with its seemingly ordinary appearance is packed with beneficial saponins and flavonoids that have a multitude of benefits for the human body.


The Male Herb

 Gokshura is the complete male herb because it contains vital nutrients and compounds that precisely benefit male physiology.

 Yes, irrespective of whether you are looking to gain weight, improve muscle mass, boost performance, improve libido or reduce unwanted fat, pure gokshura extracts can prove beneficial to you.

 Clinical studies have revealed that using Gokshura has the following benefits:

  • Is a natural libido booster
  • Is a powerful cure for erectile dysfunction
  • Helps increase the secretion of testosterone in the body
  • Helps to promote the healthy functioning of the urinary tract


Ayurleaf – Pure Gokshura Extract

 If there is anything that should bother you as a consumer, then it must be the quality of the herbs that you use.

 At Ayurleaf, we source our Tribulus from a few selected farmlands that use safe and reliable farming methods.

 Our proprietary extraction technology and state of the art processing techniques, helps to retain the vital nutrients in the herb.

 Try our 100% pure Gokshura extracts and you will notice the difference!



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