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Tribulus plus 500 capsules

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Tribulus plus 500 capsules

Tribulus plus 500 capsules

Tribulus plus 500 capsules


Tribulus Plus 500


Athletes or body builders often find it difficult to derive the required nutritional support from every day diet.

 Despite relying heavily on protein sources, they are not able to achieve the desired results because the body requires additional testosterone to boost muscle mass.

 And pure testosterone is either too expensive (Synthetic injectables) or it is too dangerous (low quality synthetics) due to the many side effects associated with it.

 The next best thing would be to trigger the body’s natural testosterone supply. That’s where herbs come into the picture.

 Ayurveda speaks about the weight gaining and muscle boosting ability of certain herbs and clinical studies now support the theory that these effects are due to the ability of the herbs to boost Natural testosterone levels in the body.


Tribulus Plus 500 – Natural Testosterone booster

 Tribulus is a word becoming increasingly common in the athletic community now.

 This herb, commonly known as ‘Puncture Vine’ is becoming a hot favorite for its performance boosting ability.

 And yet, it is not a dangerous anabolic steroid that will wreck havoc with your system.

 Tribulus when used in the suggested dosage is a natural, safe and effective way to gain muscle mass.

 Our Tribulus Plus 500 is pure and authentic Tribulus Terrestris extracts that are fortified with other potent herbals which help support its function.


How Tribulus Plus 500 works

 Unlike synthetic testosterone which is directly absorbed by the liver, Tribulus Plus 500 triggers the brain to secrete more LH (luteinizing hormone). This in turn signals the body to secrete more testosterone.

 So the testosterone boost that occurs is from the body’s natural reserves.

 And the effects are tremendous.

 Users have reported significant increase in lean muscle mass and strength. 

  • It provides a libido boost and is extremely effective in treating impotence related problems
  • It helps increase energy and performance
  • It helps in muscle recovery
  • Contains 40% Saponins & 19% Protodioscin


Pure and reliable

 Our Tribulus Plus 500 contains pure and organic Tribulus extracts that are sourced from Ayurleaf’s selected farmlands in the country.

 With technology like supercritical extraction and chromatographic fingerprinting, our extracts contain the vital bioactive ingredients that provide these herbs with the health benefits.


Get the best out of your body’s testosterone reserves with our Tribulus Plus 500. 

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