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Waybit-gold capsules

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Waybit-gold capsules

Waybit-gold capsules

Waybit-gold capsules


Waybit Gold


The extremely fast paced lifestyle in today’s generation may help them progress ahead in the rat race that is life. But the repercussions are seen faster than they ever used to be.

 Men in their 30s complain of tiredness, lethargy, lack of sleep, lack of interest, depression, stress and anxiety.

 These problems are aggravated by the lack of quality nutrition in their diet and an abusive lifestyle that leaves no room for personal care or for exercise.

 Ayurleaf wanted to create a unique herbal formula that addresses the many problems that men face.

 It wasn’t easy. Almost 16 months of rigorous research and testing eventually helped us create Waybit Gold.


Waybit Gold – for complete Healthcare 

Waybit Gold is not a cure for any single disease. Instead, it is a powerful combination of herbal extracts that have a positive effect on their all round health in men.

 It works on different levels.

 It works on the mind and helps eliminate stress and anxiety which results in improved mood.

 It works on our immune systems and helps strengthen it thereby combating an array of common ailments.

 It provides an energy boost and helps remove the general feeling of weakness and tiredness that men experience.

 The formula is so powerful that it can change the life of a person completely.


Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera): Ashwagandha is the most popular herb in Ayurveda. It has profound benefits on the human body, many of which are ideal for males. It helps promote lean muscle mass, boosts energy, enhances libido and is a powerful aphrodisiac.


Trikatu (Zinger, Marich, Pepper): The reason why Trikatu is in our formula is due to its effectiveness in helping optimize the functioning of the digestive system. Due to erratic eating habits, men face a lot of problems with their digestive systems. Trikatu helps regulate this.


Shilajeet (Aasfoilum Punjabinum): This is a wonder herb that is loaded with anti-ageing properties. It provides energy and helps reduce the damage done by free radicals.


Safed Musli (Asperagus Adscendens): Safed Musli is a power packed addition to our formula. It is renowned for its energy boosting properties.


Kesar (Crocus Sativus): Pure saffron or Kesar has immense benefits for the skin. It has traditionally been used for a glowing complexion. It helps combat an array of skin problems.


All these herbal extracts have their own unique role to play in our formula.


Reliable and Effective

 If you are experiencing any of the above mentioned symptoms, then using Waybit Gold can help you combat them.

 Try our unique formula today and regain your lost vigor and youth!   


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