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Haridra Capsules

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Haridra Capsules

Haridra Capsules

Haridra Capsules


Haridra Capsules


Indian cuisine is incomplete without a pinch of the humble Cucurma Longa which in simple terms is known as Turmeric.

 While it is mainly used as a cullinary spice, turmeric was used for centuries as an anti bacterial, anti inflammatory, a blood purifying agent, an aid for liver and kidney function and also to enhance one’s metabolism.

 Also known under the name Haldi, the herb has also exhibited anti carcenogenic properties in many cases and is considered to be a powerful and potent herb according to Ayurvedic science.


Benefits of Haridra 

  • Extremely effective in combating allergies (itching, redness of skin) and other skin problems
  • Helps reduce oxidative stress caused due to free radicals
  • Is a powerful anti oxidant
  • Can aid in regulating blood sugar in cases of diabetes mellitus
  • Can help clear the air passages and reduce asthma attacks (not cure an attack that has already started)
  • Annorexia, Hemorrhoids, hysteria
  • Is known to improve eyesight and reduce eye related problems
  • Is an anti inflammatory agent and can reduce joint pain associated with conditions like Arthritis


Ayurleaf Haridra Capsules

 Ayurleaf Haridra capsules are powered with 100% pure and organic Cucurma Longa extracts that ensure that you get maximum benefits with each dose.

 Unlike pills which are hard and difficult to swallow, our capsules are conveniently sized and easy to use.



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