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Karela Capsules

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Karela Capsules

Karela Capsules

Karela Capsules


Karela Capsules


The efficiacy of Ayurveda lies in the simplicity of its cures. There are no secret ingredients made in laboratories. Most of the treatments rely on items that are normally found in your kitchen.

 Karela or Bitter Gourd for example, is a commonly used vegetable in India and the world that contains several bioactive glycosides and may posses Antihelmintic, Anti Cancer, anti viral, Anti Malarial and most importantly, Anti Diabetic properties.

 Also known as momordica charantia, the regular usage of pure Karela extract has been associated with a significant reduction in blood sugar levels earning it a nickname, ‘Natural Insulin’


Ayurleaf Karela Capsules 

While the fruit itself is an excellent blood sugar regulating agent, there has been skepticism about the potency of the so called Karela extracts that are being sold around the world in Capsule form.

 While the product is in extreme demand due to the high incidence of Diabetes Mellitus around the world, most people are unaware about the fact that retaining the potency of the alkaloids and saponins in the fruit is no mean task.

 Ayurleaf has an in house R&D department that has worked for years to find the purest and most potent Momordica Charantia extract. Our continual research and testing has finally paid rich dividends and we now offer to the world, 500mg Karela capsules that contains 100% pure Karela Powder.


Benefits of Karela/Momordica Charantia 

  • Helps reduce Blood Glucose levels
  • Effective and Natural relief from Type I and Type II diabetes
  • Eliminates the toxins in the body and purifies blood
  • Improves digestive functions and is effective in treating worm infestations
  • Stimulates the functioning of the Pancreas and also aids liver functioning
  • Is also known to be effective in the treatment of piles and jaundice


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