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Known as ‘The Wonder Tree’ in India, the humble Neem or Azadiritcha Indica has been used for centuries by the common man and medical practitioners alike.

 Be it being used as a preventive measure for a horde of skin ailments or being used as a detox and blood purifying agent, Neem has a wide array of uses.

 What makes Neem stand out is the fact that no part of the tree is wasted. Everything from the leaf to the bark to the oil extracted have multitude of uses for the human body.

 Scientific studies have revealed that Neem extracts are loaded with alkaloids and liminoids. So varied were the applications that the US National Academy of Sciences published a report titled, ‘Neem – a tree for solving global problems’


Benefits of Neem 

Blood purifier, skin cleanser, natural antifungal, natural pesticide, there are many ways to define Neem. But here are some of the best uses. 

  • Neem clears pores and removes pimples leading to healthy looking skin
  • It enhances the body’s wound healing capabilities
  • It promotes overall wellbeing by supporting the many body functions like circulation, digestion and urination.
  • It eases the flow of blood in the body
  • It is a powerful detox agent and purifies the blood
  • It reduces the effects of damaging free radicals


Ayurleaf Neem Extracts

 Being such a widely distributed tree, it is of utmost importance to use the purest sources for the raw material required to manufacture herbal extracts.

 So, Ayurleaf sources its herbs from only selected agro farms that are renowned for their organic produce and healthy farming techniques.

 This ensures that we are able to deliver efficacious, safe and reliable herbal products that have a consistency and quality that we are best associated with.

 Our Neem Capsules provide you with 500 mg of 100% pure herbal extracts.







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