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Tulsi / Ocimum Sanctum

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Tulsi / Ocimum Sanctum

Tulsi / Ocimum Sanctum

Tulsi / Ocimum Sanctum


Tulsi/Ocimum Sanctum


There might be just a few Indian Homes where you will not find the potted Ocimum Sanctum or the holy basil plant.

 Commonly known as Tulsi in India, the plant holds a special place in households and is considered sacred as the leaves are regularly used in religious ceremonies and are offered to the gods.

 Ancient Ayurvedic scriptures though, mention the plant in a different light.

 The plant finds many uses including maintaining the levels of stress hormones cortisol in the body. It is mainly considered to be a powerful expectorant and is very effective in the treatment of cough.

 The essential oil isolated from the plant leaf is rich in eugenol, eugenal, carvacrol, methylchavicol, limatrol and caryophylline.


Benefits of Tulsi 

  • Tulsi is extremely effective in treating a variety of respiratory disorders like bronchitis (both chronic and actue)
  • It has immunomodulatory and expectorant properties. Traditionally, the leaves of the plant were boiled to prepare a herbal concoction used for the treatment of cough.
  • It is a powerful anti allergic and also has anti inflammatory properties.
  • It increases the ability of the body to cope with stress and also regulates the levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the body.
  • It is very useful in regenerating liver tissue and protects the liver against drug and alcohol induced damage.
  • Boosts the immune system


Ayurleaf Tulsi Capsules

 Our Ocimum Sanctum leaves are sourced from organic farms in India based in pristine environmental conditions. Apart from using completely natural farming methods, there are several factors like the quality of the ground water that we attribute extreme importance to.

 Using sophisticated manufacturing and standardizing techniques, Ayurleaf offers you 100% pure and organic Tulsi extracts in capsule form.

 Each capsule contains 500mg of potent Tulsi extract. 


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