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Diabetes Mellitus is like slow poison. The condition and the complete dependancy on medication caused due to it can slowly deteriorate vital organs in the body.




Diabetes Mellitus is like slow poison. The condition and the complete dependancy on medication caused due to it can slowly deteriorate vital organs in the body.

 As a result, the patient often suffers multiple ailments and if left uncontrolled, death is a certain possibility.

 Yet, almost 200 million people in the world suffer from Diabetes.

 Most people struggle to control their blood sugar levels with diet alone and depend on insulin injections for life. Synthetic pills may help limit the conversion of carbohydrates into sugar but they have far reaching side effects.

 Thankfully, nature has a solution.

 In Ayurveda, certain herbs have a remarkably positive effect on sugar levels in the body. When used with a healthy diet and exercise routine, these herbs can help patients regain control of their life and reduce their dependancy on synthetic drugs.


Safe Glycemic control with Aquetic

 Aquetic is a highly effective formulation designed to help people regulate their blood sugar levels.

 It contains a unique blend of herbal extracts that are rich in alkaloids, volatile oils, flavinoids, glycosides, sulfur, tannins and vitamin C.

 Uncontrolled glucose levels can cause severe long term damage to the blood vessels in the body. Organs like the liver, the kidney and the heart are the worst affected.

 The herbs in Aquetic not only help reduce the blood sugar levels, they also nourish the body and rejuvenate the tissues.

 It also helps the body to produce enough insulin on its own and reduce the dependency on external insulin injections.


Type I Diabetes: Users have reported a reduction in glycosylated hemoglobin and serum lipids reducing dependency on Insulin.

 Type II Diabetes: Decreased blood glucolse levels accompanied by a significant reduction in cholesterol, triglyceride, and free fatty acid levels.

 Gudmar (Gymnema Sylvestris): Gymnema Sylvestris extracts are renowned for their effect on helping reduce blood sugar levels in the body. In sanskrit, it is known as Gudmar, which stands for sugar killer.

 Kalijira (Centratherum Antelminticum): Commonly known as Bitter cumin, Kalijira is loaded with Anti-oxidants that help reduce oxidative stress caused due to conditions like Diabetes.

 Amlaki (Emblica Officinalis): The Indian Gooseberry has an abundance of vital ingredients that have multiple positive benefits for the body. It is high in Vitamin C & Chromium, which help regulate blood sugar levels.

 Mamejava (Enicostema Littorale): Stimulates the pancreas to trigger the release of insulin from the body. Loaded with powerful antioxidants that reduce the damage done by scavenging free radicals.

 Jambubeej (Syzgium Cumini Seeds): Both the bark and the seed were used in traditional Ayurvedic formulations for their hyperglycemia and glycosuria properties. Jambubeej extracts also help to regulate the functioning of the kidney.

 The complete Diabetes support

 Unlike synthetics which only focus on regulating blood sugar levels, the herbs in Aquetic provide optimum support to the various organs and systems which are affected due to Diabetes.

 It not only reduces blood sugar, but also improves overall health significantly.



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