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In today’s world a woman dons many a role during her lifetime. She strives hard to make a strong career, tries her best to become a doting mother, a loving wife and the home maker.

 This balancing act is not easy and a woman undergoes tremendous stress every day. And it’s not mere physical stress that we are talking about.

 Multitasking can be extremely stressful on the mind. A lot of women in the mid 20s and 30s are facing severe problems with their lives and relationships purely due to stress and anxiety.

 Prolonged stress is extremely unhealthy. What begins as mild symptoms like continuous lethargy, a feeling of disinterest, lack of libido and mental weakness can eventually turn into full fledged lifestyle disorders if left untreated.


Relaxing the mind

 A relaxed mind is the key to a healthy body. The ancient science of Ayurveda realized this almost 4000 years ago and relied on herbs to help reduce stress and anxiety.

 Yes, some ancient botanical ingredients found in the pristine jungles of the Himalayan foothills have a tremendously positive effect on the mind.

 It helps the mind calm down by reducing stress and anxiety and improving mood. One can say, these herbs have the very same effect that anti-depressants have without being addictive or causing side effects.


Ayurleaf’s Restlaam is based on these ancient teachings. It is a powerful herbal formula that helps woman combat the mental stress by relaxing their minds.

 Restlaam is very effective in providing relief from a variety of conditions that may arise due to stress. It also improves mental clarity, enhances memory and maintains the healthy activity of enzymes in the brain.

 For example, Insomnia is often a result of mental stress.


Regularly using Restlaam can help induce peaceful sleep. And it’s not psychologically addictive or habit forming.


Gentle and Nourishing Herbs 

To better understand why Restlaam is such a powerful formula, it is important to know the herbs inside it.


Brahmi (Bacopa monniera): Brahmi extracts have been used for hundreds of years in traditional medicine for helping improve cognitive function, memory retention and mental clarity. It boosts immunity and improves overall mental health.


Jatamansi (Nardostachys Jatamansi): Traditionally used to help reduce the activity of rogue electrical impulses in the brain, Jatamansi helps reduce mental fatigue and stress.


Sankhpuspi (Evolulus Alsinoides): Sankhpuspi has been recommended in traditional Ayurvedic texts for its ability to treat hypertension, hypotension, anxiety neurosis, stress. In Restlaam, its role is to prevent memory loss.


Punarnava (Borhavia Diffusa): This flowering plant from the four-o-clock family is a potent detox agent and helps the body rejuvenate and replenish. It is a powerful addition to Restlaam that supports the other herbs by ensuring physical wellbeing.


Sarpagandha (Rauwolfia Serpentia): Finally, Sarpagandha extracts are known to promote unhindered sleep. People suffering from Insomnia have experienced excellent relief after using Sarpagandha extracts.


The reliability of Ayurveda

 There are no secret recipes or exotic ingredients here. Ayurleaf does not make fancy claims about the health benefits of herbs. All these herbs are scientifically tested and proven to work.

 We just use state-of-the-art technology to retain the vitality of the herbal extracts into ease-to-use capsules.

 Try Restlaam today to combat the stress that one encounters every day.



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